Hotel clothing

Hotel clothing

Hotel clothing is our 2021 news. We were inspired to create the collection by our long-term cooperation with numerous hotels, restaurants and spa salons. All the years of experience and cooperation with customers have laid the foundations for a creation of professional hotel clothing.

The following product range includes company dresses, business shirts for men and women, business trousers, beauty tunics, beauty trousers and uniforms, clothing for maids and waiter's aprons.

Thanks to cooperation with our company you can order employee clothes in many colours, cuts and sizes. Dedicated materials and clever cuts will ensure an impeccable appearance and comfort of the employee even after many hours of work.

For the production of hotel clothing, we tried and tested materials from mostly European and Polish manufacturers. Our customers can choose from good quality viscose, wool, cotton and polyester fabrics.

We also design a visual identity for employees. On request, the offer can be customized to suit individual requirements.. Customization includes fabric, colour and cut.

The entire collection is characterised by fashionable cut, unique style and modern lines. We also carry out logo printing with computer embroidery and transfer screen printing.