About us

FABOR Workwear is a Polish brand that successfully operates in the workwear and corporate clothing industry on Polish and foreign markets. Established in 2012, it is constantly expanding its portfolio.

Our company specializes in designing, sewing and marking workwear and corporate clothing for large business clients. We dress employees of many professions and create visual identification for employees of many well-known and respected brands in Poland and around the world. Our clothing has found recognition not only in Poland and the European Union, but also in Norway, Switzerland and even Turkey.

In our projects, we focus on quality, design and good quality materials. The entire design process and production takes place in Poland, which guarantees high flexibility in customer service, constant quality control and speed in order fulfillment. What distinguishes us is the implemented multi-stage quality control system for deliveries and finished products. We have our own laboratory where each delivery is checked in terms of the standards applicable to workwear. We produce the assortment only in the best quality with premium fabrics.

Every year, we introduce over a dozen, sometimes hundreds of new models of workwear and company clothing to our permanent offer. We constantly follow the current trends and the needs of our clients. The years 2019-2021 were groundbreaking for us. At that time, we introduced 3 new collections to our offer: medical clothing, hotel clothing and premium workwear.

We are an ethical company that supports Polish and European industry. The production is based in Poland. We also try to ensure that our suppliers of fabrics and additives come from Poland and the European Union. We care about the natural environment. For production, we use fabrics with the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate and organic cotton.

Our workwear is functional, comfortable and fashionable with a wide range of applications. What is noticable is the construction of clothing, the way it is profiled and a modern cut based on Polish size standards.

In addition, we have a large textile marking department, we mark: company clothing, workwear and advertising clothing. We have a modern textile marking department and 20 years of experience. We mark clothes with the following techniques: computer embroidery, transfer screen printing, flex foils, reflective foils, flock foils, subliflock foils, sublimation.

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Modern branding department

Nowoczesny dział znakowania odzieży i akcesoriów
Embroidery, transfer screen printing, sublimation, subliflock, subliflex, reflectives.

Our brands

Fabor fullcolor

FABOR Fullcolor – production of Premium advertising gadgets and sublimation clothing for business customers.

As the only company in Poland, we have developed an innovative technology of producing printed promotional bags. Our method allows you to increase the aesthetic parameters of the final product while taking care of the environment. All products are made in Poland – from the idea to the final product.Our products have gained recognition in Poland, EU countries and Norway.

Customers appreciate their uniqueness and unquestionable quality. In 2017, fullcolor advertising bags won an award in the Super Gift competition organized by OOH Magazine. See our offer!

Fabor fullcolor

FABOR Med – a brand established in 2019 that specializes in the production of high-class, premium medical and cosmetic clothing for SPA salons.

The offer includes medical coats, laboratory coats, jackets, women’s sets, skirts and trousers. High-quality tracksuits, polo shirts and technical T-shirts are also available.

The brand follows current fashion trends, implementing them into its current offer. Soft lines, feminine cuts and colors of clothing, decorative fastenings, silhouette-shaping cuts, selected materials and high quality sewing in Poland – these are the features of our medical clothing collection.

Fabor fullcolor

FABOR Sport – the brand was established in 2019 and immediately found recognition among retail and wholesale customers. The brand’s offer includes sublimation sportswear.

The entire collection is sewn in Poland based on selected sports knitwear from Poland and EU countries. All knitted fabrics and inks used to produce prints are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

The brand’s mission is to provide original sports clothing that is eye-catching, interesting, fun and colorful because sport is not only health, but also fashion, lifestyle, a way of self-expression and fun.

Welcome to Fabor’s world