7 comfort zones

7 comfort zones is a set of rules for the construction of work trousers that we have developed, taking into account the requirements that each model we design must meet. 7 comfort zones include a well-thought-out trousers profiling system and the use of dedicated workwear seam reinforcements. Below is a list of the assumptions we focus on in the designing process:

  • Profiled, strong waistband – protection against sliding of trousers
  • Profiled lower belt – ensures good adaptation to various body types, comfort when bending, lifting legs, kneeling
  • Crotch profiling – guarantees freedom of work on the knees and protects against tearing of the trousers
  • Profiled leg cut – comfortable, anatomically profiled leg
  • Profiled knee pads – comfortable to put on the protectors and bend your legs
  • Numerous reinforcements of the crotch, inner thighs and pockets – protection against tearing of the pants, long life service
  • Handy access to all pockets – wide pocket openings, proper location of all pockets, protection against things falling out

7 comfort zones – a collection of trousers designed for your comfort and work comfort when you often work on your knees, bend down and have to have a lot of tools with you. The specially designed construction of the pants allows you to concentrate on your work. Additionally, we have designed a system of handy and functional pockets reinforced on the inside and outside with Cordura® material. The contoured knee pads not only accommodate large knee pads, they are also waterproof.